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What's Good - October '07 (with videos!)

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It's time for another edition of my favorite post to compile "What's Good". For you newbies - this is a monthly list of new sounds from artists all over the world that we haven't featured yet on FiddleWhileYouBurn, but we think are worth checking out. So enjoy the ten artists below (listed in no particular order) & spread the word.

As always feel free to send an email or leave a comment if you have any music recommendations for next month or would like to submit music (and yes, I listen to everything that gets sent to me... eventually).

Keep an eye out next week for the FWYB CMJ preview!!

- N.B.
Eagle Seagull - (Country Tinged Brooklyn Indie-Pop)
video: "Photograph"
listen: "I'm Sorry But I'm Beginning To Hate Your Face"

Simple Kid - (Infectious Irish Funk-Folk)
video: "Average Man vs. Paranoid"
listen: "Lil King Kong"

the Maccabees - (Angsty Art-Rock From Brighton, UK)
video: "X-Ray (live)"
listen: "Toothpaste Kisses"

One Night Only - (Melodic Pub Rock from Helmsley, UK)
video: "You and Me"

Nico Vega - (Passionate LA Hard Rock)
video: "Medicine Man (acoustic)"

the Teenagers - (Sleazy French Party Rock)
video: "Homecoming"
listen: "Homecoming"

Poison Control Center - (Pysche-Powerpop from Ames, Iowa)
video: "Shot in the Face"
listen: "Make Love A Star"

Museum Pieces - (Soulful Hard-Folk from Halifax, Nova Scotia)
video: "it keeps me up"
listen: "Stay Too Long"

Dead Confederate - (Intense Hard Rock from Athens, GA)
video: "Shadow the Walls (live)"
listen: "Shadow the Walls"

Holler, Wild Rose! - (Anthemic Ambient Indie-Rock)
video: "Captive Train (live)"
listen: "Marylawn Hair"

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