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What's Good - October '06

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At the beginning of each month FWYB will list some new sounds from artists that we haven't featured yet on the site that we think are worth checking out (below in no particular order). Last month's "What's Good" post got a pretty big response, so here's a new list for a new month short & sweet :

Delta Spirit - (San Diego Indie Soul)
video: "Motivation"

The Horrors - (UK Goth Punk)
video: "sheena is a parasite"

Read Yellow - (High-Energy New England Dance Punk)
video: "Soul Sister"

Friendly Fires - (UK Dance Punk)
video: Live in London

Chow Nasty -
(Bay Area Party-Rock)video: "Ungawa"

The Death Set - (Australian Experimental Tech-Punk)

Beat Radio - (Melodic Long Island Indie-Rock)
"Everything is Temporary"

Ela - (Introspective Minnesota Indie)
video: "Worry Worry"

The Prayers - (San Diego Surf-Pop)

Two Gunslingers - (LA Blues)

Danava - (Metal Influenced Oregon Prog-Rock)
video: "Quiet Babies Astray In A Manger"

Gosling - (LA Experimental Indie Pop)
video: "Mr. Skeleton Wings (Live/Acoustic)"

Veldt - (Mellow Indie from Brighton UK)
video: "Walking in Silence"

O' Death - (Experimental Country fom NYC)
"Only Daughter"

The Trucks - (Seattle Electro-Punk)
video: "Live at the Skylark"

Wax on Radio - (Chicago Indie-Prog)
video: "Guilding the Lily"

La Rocca - (catchy Ireland via LA Alt-Rock)
video: "Sketches"

The Vandelles - (Experimental Surf from NYC)
video: " Lovely Weather"

Made Out of Babies - (Fiery Booklyn Meta-Punk)
"Mr. Prison Shanks"

Pelican - (Experimental Metal from Chicago)
video: "Sirius"

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Nice list, the Horrors are awesome!

hey, had to check this out again after lost evening in NYC (thank you!)

Love the Chow Nasty - Love IT.

Are the Delta Spirit playing CMJ?

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