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Photos: 07.27 Bloc Party @ the Stone Pony

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Despite admitting to some pre-tour nerves at the beginning of the set, London dance punks Bloc Party tore through a collection of tunes that had a the sold-out crowd in the courtyard of the legendary Stone Pony dancing, jumping, and screaming along until the set was cut short by a fast moving lightning storm.

The youngish crowd was amazing at this show – screaming & dancing through openers Mew, continuing on right through the between set DJ music, right up until they exploded when the band hit the stage.

Bloc Party’s set was a streamlined dose of the bands specialty - catchy, danceable punk that weaves in snippets of the eighties Brit-Pop sound, and U2 style guitars, over a hard-hitting rhythm section. I’ve always enjoyed the bands recordings but they work even better live because the band put so much energy into their performances especially charismatic singer / guitarist Kele Okereke.

All three members of the band were all over the stage, at times swinging their guitars over their heads, leaning into the crowd, & clapping along with the audience. Various forms of ass-shaking broke out over the crowd and the wave of energy in the club was so powerful that by the time Kele thanked the crowd and walked off after “Helicopter” the show seemed like it had all taken ten minutes.

Bloc Party quickly returned to another roar of cheers and played a two song encore as the sky behind them began to rumble and flash from a rapidly approaching summer storm. Just before the boys were about to tear into their coup-de-grace encore song, a nervous stagehand stuck his head out from behind the back stage curtains giving a frantic throat slashing gesture then pointing up to the sky which was now bright with flashing with lighting bolts in the distance. The band respectfully apologized, gave thanks and walked off. The crowd grumbled a bit until Kele came back out and announced “You’ve been great, we owe Asbury Park one song!”. Judging by the cheers & the smiles in the crowd it’ll be worth the wait.

Below I’ve include the

Setlist & a couple of sample tracks from Stereogum

SETLIST 01. "Waiting For the 718"02. "Positive Tension"03. "Banquet"04. "Bluest Light"05. "She's Hearing Voices"06. "Hunting For Witches"07. "This Modern Love"08. "Like Eating Glass"09. "So Here We Are"10. "Helicopter"
Encore11. "Tulips"12. "Price Of Gas"

Watch & Listen:
Bloc Party - video: "Hunting for Witches", live @ the Stone Pony

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One of th pics from this night is posted here @ Clicky Cliky Music

nice shots, especially the drum set. i was at the show and couldn't see the drums from where i was standing, possibly because of the sweat and tears in my eyes.

It's almost always tough to get pix of the drummer @ drum kits at shows but if you can get a look it adds alot of energy to the shots.

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