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What's Good - February '08 (with videos!)

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My inbox has finally hit critical mass with new music so once again here's the best of the bunch... It's time for another edition of my favorite post to compile "What's Good"!

For you newbies - this is a list of new sounds from artists all over the world that haven't been featured yet on Fiddle While You Burn, but I've listened to and think are worth checking out. So enjoy the dozen artists below (listed in no particular order) & spread the word.

As always feel free to send an email or leave a comment if you have any music recommendations for next month or would like to submit music (and yes, I actually listen to everything that gets sent to me... eventually).

- N.B.
Midnight Juggernauts - (Pulsating Dancefloor Synth-Rock from Melbourne, Australia)
video: "Road to Recovery"
listen: "Shadows (Knightlife Remix)" (via UGLY TALENTED)"

Jay Reatard - (High Octane Blues-Punk from Memphis, Tennessee)
video: "Live in Vegas"
listen: "An Ugly Death" (via Raven Sings The Blues)"

Mannequin Men - (Lo-Fi Garage Punk from Chicago, Illinois)
video: "Pigpen (live)"
listen: "The Boys" (via Flameshovel)"

Good Shoes - (Bouncy Brit-Pop from London, UK)
video: "Small Town Girl"
listen: "We Are Not the Same" (via Out the Other)"

Lonely H - (Boogie Rock Anthems from Port Angeles, Washington)
video: "For Barbara"
listen: "The Meal" (via Sneak Attack)"

Snake and Jet's Amazing Bullit Band - (Powerhouse Electro Rock Duo from Copenhagen, Denmark )
video: "live on Danish TV"
listen: "Favourite" (via Said the Gramophone)"

Ecstatic Sunshine - (Intense Skeletal Post-Punk Experiments from Baltimore, MD)
video: "live @ whartscape"
listen: "Perrier" (via Fork Tailed Devils)"

Ghosthustler - (Robo B-Boy Dance Jams from Denton, Texas)
video: "Parking Lot Nights"
listen: "Only Me To Trust" (via Let's Sexy Fighting)"

Golden Triangle - (Cathartic Lo-Fi Art Punk from Brooklyn, NY)
video: "live @ Glasslands"

Whole Wheat Bread - (Grimey Crunk Meets Punk from Jacksonville, Florida)
video: "Tour Trailer"
listen: "Old Man Samson" (via Battle of the Midwestern Housewives)"

the Deadly Syndrome - (Euphoric Indie Pop From Los Angeles, CA)
video: "Eucalyptus"
listen: "Eucalyptus (Live on KLSU)" (via Cauta Muzica)"

Gravenhurst - (Lush Psyc-Rock from Bristol, UK)
video: "Trust"
listen: "Animals"

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funny to see WWB name-checked up here...alot of people around here like them...I go back and forth.

You should check out the Black Kids and the Smile Rays...more good stuff from your favorite backwards backwater.

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