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What's Good - June '08 (w/ mp3s & Videos!)

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Wow, time flies & I've got a bunch of new sounds for the Summer... It's been a few months so it's definitely time to unleash another edition of my personal favorite FWYB post to "What's Good"!

For you newbies - this is a list of new sounds from artists all over the world that haven't been featured yet on Fiddle While You Burn, but I've listened to and think are worth checking out. So enjoy artists below (listed in no particular order) & spread the word.

As always feel free to send an email or leave a comment if you have any music recommendations for next month or would like to submit music (and yes, I actually listen to everything that gets sent to me... eventually).

- N.B.
Neon Neon - (Dance-Floor Electro from Cardiff, Wales)
video: "I Lust U feat. Cate Le Bon"
listen: "I Lust U feat. Cate Le Bon"

the Botticellis - (Lush California Surf-Pop)
video: "Stay with my brother"
listen: "Old Home Movies (via Antenna Farm Records)"

Headlights - (Addictive party-pop from Champaign, Illinois)
video: "Cherry Tulips"
listen: "Cherry Tulips (via"

the Ruby Suns - (Breezy Indie Pop from Auckland, New Zealand)
video: "Tane Mahuta"
listen: "Tane Mahuta (via False 45th)"

High Places - (Catchy Tropical Folk from Brooklyn NYC)
listen: "New Grace"

Kittens Ablaze - (Experimental Folk from Brooklyn, NY)
video: "Strobelight "
listen: "Government Romance (via Consequence of Sound)"

Grand Ole Party - (Intense Soul-Rock fron San Diego, California)
video: "Look Out Young Son"
listen: "Look Out Young Son (via SXSW)"

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - (Melodic Folk from the UK)
video: "Call Me Ishmael"

Black Diamond Heavies - (Heavy Tennessee Blues Soul)
video: "Live at Son Art 2007"
listen: "Bidin' My Time (via Herohill)"

Ravens and Chimes - (Anthemic Indie-Pop from NYC)
video: "This Is Where We Are (live)"
listen: "This is Where We Are (via Spin)"

These New Puritans - (Big Beat electro from the UK)
video: "Swords of Truth"
listen: "Swords of Truth (via FRICTION NYC)"

Los Campesinos! - (Shout-along college rock from Cardiff, UK)
video: "We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives"
listen: "We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives (via"

Foxboro Hot Tubs - (Green Day Playing Garage Rock... Seriously!)
listen: "Mother Mary (via Pretty Much Amazing)"

SHITDISCO (Block Party Electro from Glasgow, Scotland)
video: "I Know Kung Fu"
listen: "72 Virgins (via Palms Out Sounds)"

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Love the Headlights song!

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