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Todd P. Drops Wisdom to Gothamist

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Matt & Kim @ Todd P's SXSW Party

Gothamist has some excellent real-talk on NYC's indie music machine from the city's best curator Todd P:

Most quotable snippet:

"And these clubs tell you it’s all financial, that they don’t have an option, that the insurance keeps them from this or that and I can believe that to a certain degree but I still think these big clubs – and even some of the little ones – are just heartless. I often wonder why the people who risk their financial well-being to open these places don’t just open up a widget factory. Because all they care about is a return on their investment and a rock club is never going to be a very effective one. I don’t care how much you cut every corner and suck as much money out of it as you can, it’s still not going to make you as much money as a lot of other fields do. And if there’s no joy to it and you don’t love the visceral rock experience – which they can’t because they’re stifling it – why bother? Why sully this otherwise really pure experience for people?"





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