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05.30 H20 @ the Blender Theater

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Photography & Words: Dig the Well

On May 30th at Blender Theater H2O showed why the wait was worth it. Launching a world tour to support their latest album, “Nothing To Prove”, the guys from H2O came out strong hammering through an hour and a half long set. Older, wiser and still covered in tattoos, singer Toby Morse kept the stage alive as his band mates kept the energy high. Playing songs from the latest album but mixing in the old with the new, they showed the sold out crowd that H2O is still a hardworking hardcore band and taking nothing for granted. Opening for H2O were Jerk City, Stigma, Crime In Stereo, and This Is Hell.

After a long 7 years between albums the 5th release “Nothing To Prove” delivers 10 tracks of NYC hardcore tradition. But like it says on the Bridge 9 Records website, H2O’s new label, don’t call it a come back. Following a tradition of upbeat songs with strong hardcore roots, the album does not loose site of what has made H2O so popular. But the album does not represent a repeat of the past.

H2O shows that even punks can mature while keeping the spirit alive. The band has stayed active between releases keeping their chops by touring with bands such as Madball and Dropkick Murphy’s. If you missed the show they will be coming back around on with Sick Of It All and Bloodclot on August 10th at Club Loaded

For more information and tour dates go to and And to check out the new video for “What Happened?” at, featuring Lou Koller, Matt Skiba, and the Knitting Factory.

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