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What's Good - October '08 (w/ MP3s & Videos!)

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It's been a couple of months & CMJ is rapidly approaching so it's definitely time to unleash another edition of my personal favorite FWYB post - "What's Good"!

For you newbies - this is a list of new sounds from artists all over the world that haven't been featured yet on Fiddle While You Burn, but I've listened to and think are worth checking out. So enjoy artists below (listed in no particular order) & spread the word.

As always feel free to send an email or leave a comment if you have any music recommendations for next month or would like to submit music (and yes, I actually listen to everything that gets sent to me... eventually).

- N.B.
Department of Eagles - (Experimental Indie-Pop from Brooklyn NYC)
listen: "No One Does it Like You (via Radio Free Chicago)"
watch on Youtube: "part 1", "part 2" (great videos!)

the Black Ghosts - (Addictive Dancefloor Electro from the UK)
listen: "Repetition Kills You (Ft. Damon Albarn) (via Welikeit.indie)"
watch: "Repetition Kills You"

BM Linx - (Pulsating electro-rock from NYC)
listen: "Understanding Orange (via SXSW)"
watch: "Kids on Fire"

Bumblebeez - (Australian Brother-Sister Electro-Hop)
listen: "Black Dirt (via Fileden)"
watch: "Black Dirt"

Passion Pit - (Lush indie-pop from Boston, MA)
listen: "Cuddle Fuddle (via Said the Gramophone)"
watch: "Sleepyhead (live)"

MGMT - (Hypnotic techno-soul from "Upstate, New York")
listen: "Time to Pretend (via Pretty Much Amazing)"
watch: "Time to Pretend"

the Soft Pack (a.k.a. the Muslims) - (High-Energy Garage Punk from San Diego, CA)
listen: "Bright Side (Live) (via The Tripwire)"
watch: "Parasites (live)"

Noah And The Whale - (Melodic Folk-Pop from London, UK)
listen: "Shape Of My Heart (via Filden)"
watch: "Shape Of My Heart"

the High Dials - (Sweeping Psyche-Rock from Montreal, CA)
listen: "Killer Of Dragons (via Welikeit.indie)"
watch: "The Holy Ground (live)"

Computer vs. Banjo - (Country tinged electro from Nashville, Tennessee)
listen: "Give Up On Ghosts (via You Sound Like A Robot)"
watch: "Guitars Need A Sinner's Touch"

Mugison - (Experimental Blues from Iceland)
listen: "To the Bone (via IA)"
watch: "Mugiboogie (live)"

She Keeps Bees - (Intense Blues Duo from Brooklyn, NY)
listen: "Gimme (via Filden)"
watch: "Live at The Apartment"

Audrye Sessions - (Lush Indie-Pop from Oakland, CA)
listen: "Turn Me Off (via Rollo & Grady)"
watch: "Video"

Bellman Barker - (Infectious Indie-Pop from DC)
listen: "Top of the Stairs (via"
watch: "Fix This Fix (live)"

Lykke Li - (Bouncy Indie-Pop from Stockholm Sweden)
listen: "I'm Good, I'm Gone (via ear it now)"
watch: "Little Bit"

Holy Fuck - (Experimental Electro from Toronto, CA)
listen: "the Pulse (via Pretty Goes with Pretty)"
watch: "the Pulse (live)"


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noah and the whale are super good, thanks for the introduction!

I appreciate what you're doing, but it would be nice to include a link to the source where you got the file. Leeching is kind of rude.

But yeah, Computer vs. Banjo does rock.

Thanks for your input Skittle & yes - I agree. It might take a few days but I'll get this resolved.

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