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FWYB's Obligatory Year-End Top Ten Album List

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This is the best of what I've been listening to in-between shows this year:

#1 Radiohead - "In Rainbows"
(In ways both musical & political Radiohead's once again raised the bar with "In Rainbows" making this the clear the album of 2007.) The rest below are all tied for #2:

Earthless - "Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky"
(A true classic that will keep guitar tab junkies scratching their heads for years, "Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky" is the sound of the exact point where all guitar rock comes full circle, in one continuous mind blowing assault. There's plenty of "stoner rock" albums out there right now but Earthless is operating on another level and distanced themselves from the pack with this one.)

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons - "Banging Down the Doors"
(Best Debut Album of the Year. Dead-on insightful, rootsy songwriting on this sensational debut from a band that will hopefully be doing big-things in '08)

LCD Soundsystem - "Sound of Silver"
(James Murphy delivered not just another classic album of thought provoking dance-rock but also the best interview quote of the year in '07 "Don't play a show with us and then bring your fucking B-game and phone it in and pose and pull a bunch of rock bullshit moves and emote and shit like that because I'll punch you in the fucking face. That's bullshit." Word.)

Nine Inch Nails - "Year Zero"
(If you haven't actually heard this album yet you're probably thinking "WTF, what is this 1993?". But if you have heard "Year Zero" you already know - 15 years later NIN have finally trimmed the fat and delivered what may be their all-around best album.)

Pharoahe Monch - "Desire"
Prodigy - "Return of the Mac"

(Lost in the Kanye vs. Fitty hypeathon were two of the best albums of NYC hip-hop in years. Monche's "Desire" wades deep into soul and gospel to create a consistently thought provoking, inspirational and original album. On Prodigy's gritty "Return of the Mac" one of hip-hop's best ever lyricists sounds more confident, thoughtful, and hungry than on anything he's done since the mid-nineties.)

Queens of the Stone Age - "Era Vulgaris"
(Some bands act like rock n' roll is this huge, steep mountain you have to spend your whole life trying to climb. Well, if you ever did somehow manage to claw your way to the top you can bet Josh Homme & Co. would be there camped out, smoking cigarretes, laughing at you.)

Spoon - "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga"
(Spoon's pretty much automatic for the top ten list any year they deliver an album, but what can I say? When it comes to catchy indie-rock song writing these guys just deliver the goods.)

the Cave Singers - "Invitation Songs"
(A photo-finish second for debut of the year. "Invitation Songs" is an album is filled with soulful, passionate tunes that beg for multiple listens.)

EP OF THE YEAR: Beck & the White Stripes - "Conquest"
(A hidden gem that you must seek out if you haven't heard it yet - a lot of bands phone in B-sides but not these guys... And by the way, if you sent us an EP this year and you're pissed that it's not here, ask yourself "Is my band really better than Beck & the White Stripes combined?"... Really think about it... Yeah, that's what I thought.)

Happy New Years from Florida,


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Good call on the Monche album!

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